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In legal matters regarding your family, you want the very best representation. You want the best because your family is what matters most to you. Taylor & Hinkle, Attorneys at Law, is a Family Law Firm serving Wyoming County WV.  Adam Taylor and Amber Hinkle have litigated hundreds of cases in family court, and we have an understanding of the unique nature of how family court in Wyoming County West Virginia operates. Let us put that understanding to work for you.

Divorce Cases In Wyoming County WV

Whether contested or uncontested, divorce presents complex financial and personal issues. Let us help you. Adam Taylor and Amber Hinkle can help you with all matters within a divorce, including spousal support, child custody, and equitable distribution.

Child Custody Cases In Wyoming County WV

Child custody is complicated. We know the intricacies of custody proceedings, and we can help you obtain primary or sole custodial rights for your child.  We offer practical guidance when you are worried about how to devise a parenting plan that will best suit the individual needs of your family.

Alimony and Spousal Support Cases In Wyoming County WV

Several factors influence the award of alimony, which is also known as spousal support. The relative financial positions of you and your spouse are a large factor. Fault is another. You can expect to hear complex arguments mixing law and fact, and these arguments can be extremely difficult to navigate alone.

Guardianship Cases In Wyoming County WV

Sometimes, biological parents aren’t capable or willing to care for their children. In this case, it’s important to transfer legal custody of these children to a third party, such as an extended family member. This can empower the “guardian” to make school and medical decisions for the child. In most cases, it’s also necessary to transfer any benefits that the child might be receiving to the proper caretaker.

Qualifies Domestic Relations Orders In Wyoming County WV

Do you need an order drafted that affects the distribution or a trust or retirement plan? Taylor and Hinkle can help with that.

Domestic Violence Petitions In Wyoming County WV

Domestic Violence Protention orders, representation at Domestic Violence Protection proceedings, and Restraining Orders.

Adoption In Wyoming County WV

Adoption is very special, and we treat it seriously. Whether the adoption is contested or uncontested, Taylor and Hinkle can assist you with filing the proper forms and in preparing for your adoption hearing. We take pride in moving our adoptions forward as expeditiously as possible.

Abuse and Neglect Proceedings In Wyoming County WV

Have you been accused of abusive or neglectful behavior towards you child? We can help. Abuse and Neglect proceedings are tremendously complex, and you need experienced, dedicated attorneys who will work with you to get your children back in your care as soon as possible.

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In all criminal cases, our goal is to protect your rights while pursuing the best possible outcome for you. We are an experienced Family Law Firm Serving Wyoming County WV, and we are prepared to fight your case in court.