Texting While Driving

Do you text and drive? In reality, a vast majority of drivers text behind the wheel. This has been illegal in West Virginia since 2013, and is subject to fines and other punishments. Read on to find out more about going hands-free in WV.
Free Speech vs. Hate Speech

The Issue

West Virginia is part of the nation’s “hands-free” program. The term “hands-free” implies that all cell phone usage while driving a motor vehicle should not require the driver to remove their hands from the wheel at any time. Recently, devices such as bluetooth and Siri were designed to help drivers use their phones hands-free. However, some drivers still cannot resist texting while driving. The law is intended to prevent motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving. In 2009, roughly ninety Americans died in a car accident every day. Fortunately, programs like “hands-free” are working toward lowering this number.

What the Law Says

The law states that in West Virginia one may not use a handheld device while driving. The first offense comes with a fine of $100. Furthermore, the second and third offense come with larger fines and points on an individual’s driver’s license. Also, failure to pay fines may result in a driver losing their license all together.

What You Can Do

Naturally, texting while driving is punishable by law because it is a dangerous behavior. Texting while driving is a reckless, although common, practice that “hands-free” legislation wishes to bring to an end. However, if you find yourself in trouble for texting and driving, you have resources available to you. If you or a loved one believe you have been wrongfully fined or ticketed for texting and driving, contact our legal professionals at Taylor & Hinkle. At Taylor & Hinkle we can advise you on whether or not your actions were legal. Also, we can help you understand what course of action must be taken after you’ve been fined or ticketed.