The Issue

We all make mistakes. Among the most common of these mistakes is traffic violations. Essentially, things such as speeding and parking tickets, and even the occasional DUI, are fairly common legal troubles. In fact, most of us will face one or more of these in our lifetime. Read on to find out what you can do if you are found guilty of a traffic violation.
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What the Law Says

Regarding DUI in particular, the law states that it practices “zero tolerance” for those under 21 years old. For those over 21, the law still places heavy restrictions on driving under the influence. In fact, if your BAC is between 0.08% and 0.15% while driving, you will be charged with a DUI. If it is your first offense, your driver’s license will be suspended. However, if your BAC is found to be above 0.15%, you will be charged with aggravated DUI and the penalty is much more severe. When it comes to other, more common, traffic violations such as speeding and parking tickets, you may recieve “points” on your driver’s license. Also, you will be presented with a ticket that must be paid or disputed in a court of law. Furthermore, law states that if you fail to either pay the ticket or appear in court on a scheduled date, you may lose your driver’s license.

What You Can Do

If you have been given a traffic ticket or violation and you believe it was unjust, you do have the right to appear in court and hire a lawyer to defend your case. However, you must retain some form of legal proof that the traffic ticket was unjustly given. Also, this may only be beneficial to you if you are facing jail time or license suspension. No matter what your circumstance, though, here at Taylor & Hinkle we can provide effective legal counsel if you have been wrongfully charged with a traffic violation. If you wish to dispute a traffic ticket in court, contact us for more information.