The Dilemma

You may find yourself in a situation that requires specific legal expertise.  Legal advice is available in a variety of media channels, and different formats.  You may ask yourself, “Do I Really Need a Lawyer?”  Often times, it is tempting to try and find your way around seeking legal advice from a professional. Services like “LegalZoom” appeal to the on-the-go individual who may think they simply do not have time to consult with an attorney. The perceived convenience of doing everything from home may seem like a good idea now, but it will only cause trouble in the long run.

The Issue

“LegalZoom” states on their very own website disclaimer that they “are not acting as your attorney”. Furthermore, they state that their advice is not “a substitute for the advice of an attorney”. Also, LegalZoom charges for each legal form they sell. In other words, LegalZoom is selling documents which you could easily access for free. Although consulting with an attorney has associated costs, any legal forms come at no extra charge to the client. Also, the advice you will receive from consulting an actual attorney is guaranteed to be current and correct information. LegalZoom, on the other hand, admits that their documents may be subject to error. Although you may think services like LegalZoom will save you some time and money now, they will end up costing you. Whether it is the time spent correcting the errors caused by LegalZoom forms, or the money spent in buying the documents, it is sure to come with a large price tag. Your time and your money are valuable to you, therefore you should always seek out professional help when you need it. It will save you a good bit of strife and the price will be worth the quality of the service you are sure to receive.

The Solution

By seeking out a real attorney at law you will invest your time and money into a service that is sure to fix your problem. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for online services that claim to offer legal help, yet fail to do so. If you are having legal trouble and would like to speak with an attorney, contact us at Taylor & Hinkle. We know your time and money are precious to you, and we promise to provide the best legal advice and assistance for whatever your legal needs may be.