WV’s Medical Marijuana Bill

With the passing of the Medical Marijuana Bill in West Virginia, employees of the state may be wondering how this radical change will affect our workplaces. With a large population of the state still opposing the Bill, it seems there may be an opportunity for some employers to unrightfully discriminate against those who obtain the right to use the medicine. Residents of the Mountain State may find themselves asking Will Medical Marijuana Cause Workplace Discrimination?

Will Medical Marijuana Cause Workplace Discrimination?

Things to keep in mind:

It is extremely important to understand that you have rights as a potential employee, but it should also be noted that multiple cases in places such as Colorado have stood by some employers and their rights to fire people who use the medicine. Even though medical and recreational marijuana are completely legal in Colorado, the courts decided the company in question had the right under federal law to fire the employee who tested “positive” on a drug test.

Will Medical Marijuana Cause Workplace Discrimination?

With this Bill coming in to forever change the path of marijuana in the mountain state, only time will tell if both state and federal law will come together to protect those who find they need the medicine to go about their normal day. In the meantime, Contact Taylor & Hinkle to answer any questions you have regarding the matter.